Society co-founder Jack

Our story

Society is a new kind of candle company based in London that is reinventing the candle industry with scents inspired by favourite places. Launched in October 2022, Society was founded by candle connoisseurs Jack and Corey who have a passion for candles and candle making. 

The company's name is based on the idea of bringing together a community of candle lovers and the concept is based on the scientific discovery that smells are a powerful trigger for nostalgia and offer positive benefits like improved mood and reduced stress.

The driving force behind the creation of Society was the recognition that, since the pandemic, people have come to expect a lot from their homes. These expectations include using homes as places of work, study, and living. Jack, in particular, has always been a fan of candles but never fully understood the fragrances on the labels. He also has a sense of nostalgia for cozy places like the ones in Society's range and wanted to capture those experiences in candles.

Society’s range captures the distinctive scents and moods of popular places like The Spa, The Bookshop, The Sweet Shop, The Florist, The Coffee Shop, The Perfumery, The Fireplace, and The Barbershop. The team at Society hopes that the scents of these candles will bring joy, relaxation, and a sense of familiarity to those who light them.

Society's candles are cruelty-free and made with a blend of ethically sourced fragrance oils, premium vegan soy wax, and wood wick. They are hand poured into reusable glass containers and burn for 40+ hours without producing toxins or chemicals. They are cleaner burning than traditional candles, making them a guilt-free indulgence.